Summer Trends

Summer just isn’t the same without fancy fads and good eats, so we’re here to give you the rundown on both. Here’s a top five list of trends that are definitely bringing the heat.

I scream, you scream. It’s no secret that cool treats are the best way to beat the heat. Nowadays why just stick to the basics with so many specialty shops and flavors in the world? Russ and Daughters Café serves up halvah ice cream sundaes to go with those spot on meals and 10Below Ice Cream dishes the charming desserts in the shape of a rose.

Truckin’. Food trucks definitely give a new meaning to the title “fast food”. With some of the freshest ingredients, these mobile restaurants seem to serve whatever the people want. Not only do these cheap eats spice up a lunch break, the innovation that goes into a food truck meal can be downright outstanding.

Smaller plates. The bigger the plate the better the meal, right? Wrong. Restaurants that render small plate portions are one of the quickest growing trends this season. The inventive meals aren’t created to be scarfed down quickly, but to be enjoyed by friends and family. Wildair in the heart of the city serves meals that range from Southern-style white shrimp to chopped tuna on toast.

Brunch is better. Brunch didn’t make this list’s cut for no reason because lets be honest, its the only time you can drink before 5pm and still be socially acceptable. Chefs are perfecting their craft by finding the best and most delicious way to take breakfast food to a higher lever like at Cosme where your meal can be Mexican inspired or at Faro where one meal can practically serve two. Whether its top-notch mimosas or a unique meal, brunch has your day-drinking bases covered.

Green is the new fried. Choosing healthy plates over decadent dishes and cheap bites can be absolute torture. This summer, we’ve noticed that restaurants have been finding new ways to keep their customers coming back for more health conscious foods. The shining stars in the trending health movement appear to be earthy grains and lean proteins. Hell, if you wanted to you could head over to Ellary’s Greens in West Village for a try at their fresh-pressed juices and gluten-free beers.

Whether you’re into a breakfast, lunch, or dinner phase of your day there’s a little something to cover almost everything. Take a look around next time you go out and you may even notice a few of these trends happening around you.

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